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About Us

Make no mistake, Chateau Cabinetry is some of the finest custom cabinetry in the world (see Awards). We take the time to custom design and hand-finish every cabinet and every piece of furniture...but our high level of organization and the fact that we keep our operation 100% in-house allows us to do so at an excellent value.
Award-winning 100% custom cabinetry for
thousands of dollars less than you could get elsewhere.
  1. Our location in Utah is a crossroads for suppliers, meaning that we purchase raw materials for less than almost anywhere else in the country.
  2. We mill all of our own raw materials and manufacture our own boxes and doors...which improves quality and cuts out the cost of outsourcing.
  3. There are more trained cabinet-makers per capita in our region than in any other area of the country. This coupled with the low cost of living in Utah means that recruiting highly skilled craftsmen is less costly for Chateau Cabinets than for other companies.

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